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Forest Flowers is a american company dedicated to the cultivation, production and marketing of hydrangeas, with over twenty years of experience in domestic and foreign markets. Our crops are located in La Ceja Antioquia Colombia where thanks to the privileged geostationary position, the height of 2200 meters above sea level, the extraordinary climate and fertile land we have, harvest flowers type premium of the highest quality worldwide.

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  • Hydrangea Premium White

    Hydrangea Premium White

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  • Hydrangea Select Light Blue

    Hydrangea Select Light Blue

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  • Hydrangea Select White

    Hydrangea Select White

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  • Hydrangea Elite Shoking Blue

    Hydrangea Elite Shoking Blue

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    Hydrangea Shoking Blue

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  • Hydrangea Green Apple or Lemon Kiwi

    Hydrangea Green Apple or Lemon Kiwi

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Hydrangea Antioque Jumbo

    Hydrangea Antioque Red Jumbo

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  • Hydrangea-Elite-Pink

    Hydrangea Elite Pink

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  • Hydrangea Elite Purple

    Hydrangea Elite Purple

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  • Hydrangea Emerald Green

    Hydrangea Emerald Green

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  • Hydrangea Emerald Green Bicolor

    Hydrangea Emerald Green Bicolor

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  • Hydrangea Mini Green

    Hydrangea Mini Green

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  • Hydrangea Mini Mojito

    Hydrangea Mini Mojito

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  • Flower-Bells-of-Ireland

    Flowers Bells of Ireland

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  • Flower Bupleurum

    Flowers Bupleurum

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