Finally we open the online store

Finally we open the online store

Finally we open the online store

We started this new adventure with great enthusiasm but being aware that setting up the store is not the end of the job but the beginning: customer service, marketing, blog …

In Forest Flowers we offer you:

  1. Quality products at a good price that we have previously tested and use daily.
  2. Β Advice before and after the purchase, by email, phone, video tutorials … We want to help you choose and to get the most out of your baby carrier.
  3. Delivery of the order in 24/48 (see shipments and payments).
  4. Baby carrier loan so you can try it before you use it and make sure it meets your needs.
  5. Subscription to the weekly newsletter that will include the best of the blog and promotions and exclusive offers for subscribers.

Opening gifts

10% discount on all products, with the SHOP10 coupon (valid until December 1, 2018)

Raffle of a box of 20 hydrangeas (to choose type of hydrangea) on Facebook, requirements:

Be a fan of our Facebook page:

Click on the photo and share it in public mode.
In comments answer to this question: What product do you like most of the whole store?
The draw will take place on December 15, 2018, so you have a deadline to register until December 15 at 23: 59h.

Good luck!!!!

Do you need to buy hydrangeas

Do you need to buy hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea Antioque Jumbo

    Hydrangea Antioque Red Jumbo

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea-Elite-Pink

    Hydrangea Elite Pink

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Elite Purple

    Hydrangea Elite Purple

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Elite Shoking Blue

    Hydrangea Elite Shoking Blue

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Emerald Green

    Hydrangea Emerald Green

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Emerald Green Bicolor

    Hydrangea Emerald Green Bicolor

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Green Apple or Lemon Kiwi

    Hydrangea Green Apple or Lemon Kiwi

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Mini Green

    Hydrangea Mini Green

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Mini Mojito

    Hydrangea Mini Mojito

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Premium White

    Hydrangea Premium White

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Select Light Blue

    Hydrangea Select Light Blue

    Product Enquiry
  • Hydrangea Select White

    Hydrangea Select White

    Product Enquiry

    Hydrangea Shoking Blue

    Product Enquiry

Simple! Look into the shop section and choose the type of hydrangeas you need, fill in your basic registration data and billing and shipping information and we will send you your order on time.